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About Invista Analytics

Invista Analytics is a peer network of Premiere Consultants
dedicated to transforming your data into Actionable Knowledge

Our mission is simple: We bring to bear the most powerful techniques to address the questions you have in the most unbiased and accurate manner. Our technical expertise spans the gambit from advanced statistics and financial mathematics, to accounting and operations research. From operational proformas, to hierarchical latent regression modeling, if it has to do with numbers and analysis, we are the ones to turn to.

Our clients are as diverse as the projects they bring us. From small business owner to pharmaceutical giant, or from local school district to real-estate developer, we believe the best companies have the smartest clients and are proud to work with an amazing group of clients.

What we do

Our proven process leads to meaningful insight

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Who we are?

The people behind THE ANALYSES

This is our leadership team who work continuously to bring real world insight from complex data on a daily basis.

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Timothy Hess, PhD

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Brian Fatlow, PhD

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Emily Quan, CPA MBA

Senior Analyst

Some case studies showing our philosophy to the analytics process.

Predicting School Enrollments

Contributing to the research process

What makes a good analyst

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